Happy Weekend - Alameda Antiques Faire

This was my first trip to the Alameda Flea Market back in October! I was really excited to go but not thrilled at the early Sunday start. It is quite overwhelming how much stuff there is there! It takes just one trip to just kind of absorb all of the items for sale and we didn't even make it half way back. There are so many neat things to discover there.
There is also A LOT of strange things to be found as well!! Doesn't everyone desire an armadillo purse??
I only bought a couple items when I was there last time. A couple cute old books for the bambinos and a pretty pearl bracelet. But this time I am heading over with the stroller out of the trunk - just in case I need to fill it with my fabulous finds!
 I am hopefully headed there again this Sunday (CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR NO RAIN) since the fair is only held the first Sunday of every month.

What else we have on the agenda for the weekend - Four year old birthday party (Landon's whole playgroup was born in the month of March, so it is a pretty busy birthday party month for us) and we are having some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. Swooning over the vintage kids books, my fave!

  2. I dying to go back there, but have only been once! Husband often works Sundays and I just can't corral my two-year-old for that long...Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow!

  3. Armadillo purse! http://www.agirlandaboy.com/journal/archives/001007.html

    (I want to go to the flea market tomorrow too, but after today's adventure in Oakland I think we're wiser to stay away lest our house overfill with secondhand finds!)

  4. Girls - They already cancelled it for tomorrow because of the rain! It has been postponed until next week (but I am out of town). Trying to decide to go to the White Elephant Sale or not.

    Leah-that is too funny!!! Apparently it is what every fashionable woman needs!!!


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