My New Best Friend - Nespresso

Carlos' first mistake was telling me about the Nespresso Citiz D120 machine (even though he wanted to get it for me for Mother's Day). Once you tell me about something, then I become obsessed with it and need to have it now. I would never be able to wait until Mother's Day. Every time I tell him that I love it, he says, "Happy Mother's Day". I don't think so! ;-) We have had a Keurig machine and for the last two years I had a little coffee/latte bar set up. But the Keurig machine makes coffee, not espresso. So my version of the vanilla latte was a little on the watered down side. My Nespresso Citiz machine arrived last Thursday and I have been obsessed with it. Literally I think it tastes better than my Peets or Starbucks lattes! So delicious and it only takes 90 seconds. You literally just pour milk in the frother and push the button (heats and froths in 80 seconds) and pop an espresso capsule in the machine and press the espresso or the lungo button. Of course, I am only having one a day and maybe a decaf in the afternoon, since I am preggers. The capsules cost about $.55 per capsule. So my Savvy savings are about $3.00 - $4.00 a day by not buying a latte. 


  1. Oh I definitely need one of those. My take out coffee habit is getting ridiculous.

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  2. me gusta mucho tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!

  3. Kayla - It is fabulous! You can try one out at a Sur La Table or Bloomingdales.

    Elba - Mucho Gracias!

  4. Oh gosh, I've come out of lurkerdom to express my excitement over coffee machines! Oh my. I had a capresso machine that ground it's own beans and I loved that thing. But, it broke in the move to San Francisco. I've been making due with a cheapie coffee maker, but I can taste the difference. I would love to get something like this. I may be sending out some anonymous tips to loved ones around my birthday!

  5. Becca - I would definitely drop some BIG hints. I am in love with this machine. The frother on this thing is AMAZING!


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