Oakland Zoo

Don't tell the San Francisco Zoo, but I have been cheating on it with the Oakland Zoo. We got an awesome deal for a family membership to the Oakland Zoo from Living Social ($40 for the year). The San Francisco Zoo is only 1o minutes from our house, but I honestly like the Oakland Zoo a little bit more. I love the their giraffe and elephant sections of the zoo. The first time I went to the zoo, the elephants were swimming around in their water area and it was amazing to watch. Landon brought his camera to the zoo and it was sweet to see him walking around taking pictures with it! Still need to work on getting him to keep the camera still while the picture is being taken. He likes to push the button and drop the camera down while it is taking the shot! 


  1. Another set of amazing pics. Your kids are awfully cute. You should start a business taking pictures of kids -- you are sooo good at it!

  2. TVO-Thank you! I am starting to take some kid pictures on the side for my friends. Experimenting with the idea! :-)


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