San Diego Vacation

We headed down to San Diego to tag along on a business trip that Carlos was taking and to celebrate Landon's 4th birthday! The whole week Landon was so excited about going to Sea World to see Shamu, dolphins, turtles and SHARKS! Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and it wasn't as warm as we wanted it to be. Our beach/pool plans didn't really pan out since it was so windy and I thought that everyone would be way to cold. We headed to Old  Town on Friday for some delicious Mexican Food at Casa Guadalajara 
On Saturday, we headed to Sea World. We arrived in time for the Shamu's first show, which worked out well timing wise. You never know how long you have with two toddlers. Landon was very serious the entire time and just stared at the tank of water (the picture above of Landon staring at the water was before Shamu even came out). As soon as the show was over Landon said that he was ready to go home. Ha!  We ended up being there for five hours! I was shocked that the two of them lasted that long. The last set of pictures was Landon and Carlos deciding to climb up the rope bridge, then proceeding to get really upset on the rope bridge and then once at the top of the rope bridge, happy again. Poor guy! 

On Sunday we headed to La Jolla to check out the beach, have some brunch and walk around before we headed back up to San Francisco in the afternoon. It was a quick little trip, but it was a nice little getaway for this family of four (soon to be five)!

**Not so crazy about the preggers pics of me...but in an effort to make sure that I am documented in our lives...I am coming out from behind the camera and allowing more pics to be taken of me...good or bad! 


  1. These pictures are so sweet! You got a lovely family. Can't wait til I can take my kiddo to San Diego Zoo!

  2. OMG those pictures are amazing! What a fun time before the new baby comes!

  3. Jeanne & Amber - Thanks girls! It was nice to have some time just the four of us before everything changes! AAAAHHH! Going to get crazy!

  4. such a cute family!! i live in san francisco too!!

  5. Jacin- thank you!! That's why I started following you! Love to read other blogs from fellow Bay Area bloggers!!


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