Tea Anyone?

I am very excited to be attending a preview of Tea Collection's Fall 2011 Back-to-School line in a couple of weeks (baby permitting).  I can't wait to see their new designs and hopefully be able to give you a sneak peek before they release the line at the end of June! In the meantime, they are having a great sale on their current sale items.  Additional 20% off of the current sale items from now until May 30th. Use the promo code: MSALE20

This weekend we are hoping to get a lot more accomplished on the house and baby prep front.  I am definitely going to be taking advantage of having Carlos off for the three day weekend! Poor guy! We are also heading out to my BFF's house for a BBQ and some pool time. That's right folks...this very pregnant mommy is going to get in a bathing suit!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

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