Eeeeeewwww at the Academy of Sciences

Tatum's reaction to seeing all of the snakes and lizards at the new exhibit at the Academy of Sciences (my reaction too)!


  1. Each time I visit your blog, I think,

    Gosh, she seems like such a great mom!


  2. I got the flyer for this exhibit too, and i was like "why do i want to see this??" eeewwwww is right! (i hate lizards and snakes.)

  3. Camille - You are too sweet!

    Jeanne - It was really hard to walk through there and not cringe and say EEEEWW at every exhibit. Landon loved it though! I especially loved having to answer his questions about what the giant snakes eat....UGH!

  4. Oh dear! I heard about this exhibit. Shiver me timbers! No can do. I took my children there once & made them stand in front of some sort of stuffed creature for a photo- their scared faces were priceless. Aw but it's sad for snakes that they are so creepy. Poor guys. Thanks for the twitter follow. I loved your profile so much I had to come see your blog. :) xoxo

  5. Nickie - Thank you for coming by the blog! Poor snakes...they do get a bad rap!


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