Baby Wearing

Trying to soak up all this baby snuggle time before Carlos goes back to work and things get truly crazy up in here! I didn't get my Didymos wrap until Landon was bigger, so I didn't get to use it for too long.  Tatum didn't like it at all, but it looks like Miss Charlotte is a fan of being snuggled close to her Mommy.  I really like the Didymos compared to other wraps (Moby, etc) because of the strength of the fabric.  It is a lot tighter of a weave and fabric so it gives the baby more support, which means more support for your back! They also come in all kinds of different colors and prints.  I would love to have one in pink, but I bought the blue and green striped one with Landon.  Speaking of baby wearing, have you seen the new collaboration between Petunia Pickle Bottom and Ergo.  They are adorable! If I didn't already own an Ergo carrier in boring old tan (which my back and I prefer 100% over the Baby Bjorn), I would definitely pick up one of these fun new prints! 

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