The Vintage Pearl

I originally found The Vintage Pearl when it was on Etsy and shortly afterwards they moved to their own website and even opened a storefront in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I already have two necklaces with Tatum & Landon charms, but of course needed to add a Charlotte charm to one of the necklaces.  Then I decided to get the Mother of Pearl necklace with all three of their names on it. About a week after Charlotte was born in the middle of the night while breastfeeding, I had the realization that our babies initials were TLC (of course not in the right birth order - but still special).  When I tried to tell my half asleep husband, he said, "Like the band?". HA! I then said, "No, like tender loving care!".  Right now you can get 10%off your order though August 31st, 2011 when you use the promo code: July10.  Happy shopping!!!

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