Happy 2nd Birthday Tatum!!!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl!  I can't believe that she is already two years old! This is what you are up to at two years old:

  • You are very tall for your age, so people think you are older than you are.
  • You love to sing - Old MacDonald & Twinkle Twinkle are your favorites. When you are done with the song, you throw your arms in there and say, "TA DA"!
  • You are finally starting to stay still longer for us to read stories to you - I emphasize starting! 
  • Your favorite word is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Occasional foot stomp accompanies the NO!!!!
  • You understand 98% of what we say, but you are not a big talker. There is a lot of heading nodding for yes and a lot of NOs!! You love to make animal noises. 
  • You love to dance and play with a ball - throwing and kicking. Are you going to be a ballet dancer or a soccer player or BOTH?
  • You have been sleeping in a big girl bed for two months now.  You still stay in your bed and call for Mama or Dada to come get you and will come out of your room once we open the door. We think that you are going to figure out soon that you can walk out whenever you want.  But we are in no hurry!
  • You don't call your new baby sister, Charlotte, but BABY.  Anytime she cries or makes noises, you say this funny drawn out BAAAAABBBBYYYY!
  • You love your brother and definitely can stand your ground with him.
  • You are obsessed with your new baby sister.  You want to hold her all the time and help Mommy change her diapers.
  • You are both a Mommy and Daddy's girl. 
  • Your hair has grown so long in the last year and Mommy loves to put it in pigtails.  
  • You LOVE jewelry and usually put it on everyday and keep it on for the entire day. 
  • You are starting to get opinionated about what I choose for you to wear.
  • You are pretty fearless and adventurous - which SCARES us! 
  • You fall A LOT..but you pick yourself up and keep on trucking.
  • We love you for all of your sweet and endearing qualities and think you are one pretty special little girl.


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