Carmel Valley Ranch

On Monday we are checking in here.
I am excited to have a lot of morning lattes here on our deck.
A lot of swimming and lounging here.
Hanging out here in our suite.
Maybe a couple of bubble baths here.
Watching the kids play here.
Eating lots of delicious food and truffle fries (per Caitlin's recommendation).
Definitely some of this.
Definitely NOT this since I am VERY allergic to bees.
 I'm the kids are going to love this!

I am very excited to be heading down south for a week of vacation on Monday.  The kids and I really need some Daddy not working time! We are going to be in Carmel Valley for five days and then headed to Capitola for two days.  I will be posting Instagram photos to the blog while I am gone! Have a fabulous weekend, week and Labor Day! See you on the other side! 

*I will be posting the winners of the DVD Giveaway (later tonight) and the $50 gift certificate to Fleming's Steakhouse (next Saturday). 

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  1. This place looks amazing!! Hope you have a relaxing time!

  2. Eli - It is a beautiful place! Thank you! We are!


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