Pinterest Meetup at West Elm

Last week I attended the Pinterest & West Elm party in Emeryville with my good friend, Jenny from Rosey Little Things.  It was fun to attend an event with Jenny since she lives in Napa and usually can't attend the blogger events that I go to in the city.

It was a fun event with a chance to talk to members of the Pinterest team, catch up with blogger friends and do some shopping at West Elm.  They also had a Smilebooth for everyone to have fun with. We tried to write our names of our blogs on the board, but they didn't turn out.  Again, this is my attempt to embrace capturing moments EVEN though I still have all of the baby weight to lose.  Trying to remember that it is about remembering moments and not obsessing over how you look!

If you are not already on Pinterest, you should check it out! If you are, come follow me at Savvy in San Francisco.

*All images via my iPhone except the two Smilebooth photos via Smilebooth/West Elm.


  1. omg i can think of no two things i love more than pinterest and west elm... well maybe twitter and cb2. but seriously, that sounds like so much fun.


  2. Oh, you got some cool photos! So nice to see you out and about! :)


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