Drybar - The Cosmopolitan

I bought a voucher for drybar from DailyCandy's Deals ($20 for a $45 value) a couple of months ago.  It included a wash and blowout of my choosing (normally $35) and a Floater, which is a 10 minute scalp massage during your shampoo (normally $10).  I decided to try it out last Thursday because I had an event that night and date night on Friday.  I have to say that it was a quick and easy (40 minutes with the Floater added on).  What is better than having an amazing scalp massage, then sitting in a chair while sipping on strawberry cucumber water, watching a movie on the large screen TV and catching up on the latest magazines while they blow and twirl your hair into shampoo commercial hair!  I chose the Cosmopolitan (loose curls).  I would definitely recommend anyone who has a special event to go to and would like a quick and affordable blowout to give Drybar a try.  I attached my before and after picture for your viewing pleasure! How do you think they did? BTW - How cute are their yellow hair dryer chandeliers!! 


  1. This is so awesome! I'm dying to try this, and glad a few gals have so I can see that it really is worth it. Especially now that my hair is crazy long and it's a pain to do it myself, Id rather someone else for those special events.

    ps. Is your hair normally that curly? I like it!

  2. Eli-It is so nice to have someone else do it. I can never get my own hair to look like the picture above! Ha! That is my normal curly hair. I usually wear it curly all the time because never enough time to blow it straight.

  3. i love this! I've always wanted to try a dry bar-
    I love your pictures!


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