Source: via Savvy in San Francisco on Pinterest
                                                               Source: via Savvy in San Francisco on Pinterest

My newest iPhone app obsession is PostalPix! Finally a place to make all of my iPhone pictures come to life.  I take A LOT of pictures and most of them are on my iPhone when I am not carrying my big camera.  I have thousands on there and I have had to clean it out multiple times. 

It is a very simple to use this free app - select your photos, pick the size you want (I printed out 4x4 - which I am loving), pay and then your photos are processed and mailed to you! It is that easy!  I love all of these little moments captured and I love putting them all together in collage form. I am still trying to figure out the best way to display them. 

The first couple pictures are the some of my iPhone pictures that I received from PostalPix and the last two pictures are ideas I found on Pinterest for displaying the pictures. What are you favorite ways to display your iPhone pictures? 

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