Charlotte - Three Months Old

Charlotte at three months old:
  • You are about 14lbs!
  • You are fitting into your 0-3 months size clothes.  You have a very round tummy and your thighs have rolls for days! 
  • You are full of smiles especially for your brother and sister and are starting to talk a lot more to us! 
  • You are finally moved out of your colicky stage - it actually only lasted six weeks which isn't bad. 
  • You still like to be swaddled, love to sleep in the bassinet and still not super crazy about your swing and papasan chair. You just started sitting up in the Bumbo chair and you love to be sat in front of your brother and sister and watch them in their adventures. 
  • You are still such a rockstar when we go out in the stroller/car seat.  Mommy's perfect shopping companion unlike your brother and sister who want to leave as soon as we arrive anywhere (UNLESS it is a toy store). 
  • You seem to like your playmat and tummy time is going a lot better now that we have the Infantino Tummy Triangle (more on that later).
  • Still breastfeeding really well and wanting to eat every three hours during the day. You just went 11 hours between feedings overnight the other night...but it has not been repeated.  Not sure what the magic combination was but we need to figure that out. Plus your night owl Mommy needs to go to sleep before 1:30am in order to benefit from said 11 hours!  
  • Your brother is really starting to pay attention to you now that he has realized that he can make you smile and he loves for you to sit in the Bumbo with him.
  • Your sister is still obsessed with you and is quite bossy with everyone about where or what you think that BABY should be doing.   
  • You are taking the Avent binkies but still pop them out of your mouth all of the time. 
  • You have a bad case of cradle cap and you are starting to lose a bunch of your hair and have a big bald spot in the back. 
  • You are starting to try to grab items and have a couple favorite toys that are easy for you to cling onto.  Thinking about getting you a Sophie the Giraffe to chew on, but not sure that she won't be stolen by your brother (Sophie collector extraordinaire).
  • We can't imagine our family without you and love you so much!


  1. OMG so cute! I just found your blog and loovveee it! Its always fun to see fellow SF bloggers--there seems to be a lot! I just moved here so I'm loving everything there is to see and do here! by the way CUTE BABY!!

  2. Katie - Welcome to SF! Thank you! I think she is pretty cute too!


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