Charlotte - Four Months

Charlotte at four months old:
  • You are are 14 pounds and 24 inches!
  • You are fitting into your 0-3 months and starting to move into your 3-6 months size clothes.  You have a very round tummy and your thighs have rolls for days! 
  • You are full of smiles especially for your brother and sister and are starting to talk a lot more to us! You give a really good belly laugh when we zerbert your tummy!
  • You are still being swaddled at night and you still fit in your bassinet. Still not truly crazy about the swing and you are happiest sitting up in your Bumbo chair with a tray on it for your toys.  That is your brother and sisters favorite place for you too because they love to stand in front of you to show you things and entertain you. 
  • You are still such a rockstar when we go out in the stroller/car seat.
  • You seem to like your playmat and tummy time is going a lot better now that we have the Infantino Tummy Triangle.
  • Still breastfeeding really well and you have a pretty set schedule of five feedings a day.
  • You are basically SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT with a couple of binky replacements around 5-6am!!!! Now if we could get your mother to sleep before 1am, all would be right in the world. 
  • Your brother and sister both are very excited to wake you up in the morning and love to check on you all the time. 
  • You seem to be a big fan of the Nuby binkies, so I need to buy you some more of those! 
  • You lost most of your hair except a big combover piece on the top! You were actually pulling it out on the sides while breastfeeding, but have finally stopped doing that.
  • You have discovered your toes and think they are the best thing since sliced bread! You like to grab onto any toy and suck on it. Which is resulting in a huge amount of drool. 
  • Your smiles fill us with so much joy and can't believe how much you have changed in four months! 
  • We can't imagine our family without you and love you so much!
**You turned four months old on October 10th and your Mommy has been procrastinating this post!


  1. So sweet! Congrats. It does fly by, doesn't it?!

  2. Thanks Amanda! It really does! So fast! Trying to soak in all of these last baby moments! Hope your little guy is doing well!


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