Gramercy & Co.

Ever since I attended the Junior League Home Tour in Sea Cliff (more on the home tour later this week), I have been dreaming about these boxes and trays from Gramercy & Co.  Pui the founder of Gramercy & Co. was one of the merchants who attended the street fair that went along with the home tour.

Here are a few other items that I would like to add to my wishlist from their site:

image 2 & 3 via

Which color box would you get? I am partial to the orange or the green.


  1. Oh, did you stop by our cookbook booth? I wish I would've seen you! :)

  2. OOOh love it all - can i get a rectangular christmas stocking to accommodate those amazing boxes please :) xx

  3. The orange one! Love how all the colors are so saturated.

  4. Charlie - I didn't! Darn, I would have if I had known that you were working it! Are you going to be at the Dwell Tour this weekend?

    Chelsi - They have gorgeous lacquer business card holder boxes too that would definitely fit in your Christmas stocking!

    Natalie - I love the orange one too! Pui told me that the lacquer is hand poured, dried and polished several times.

  5. Thank you for stopping by our table AND for the blog post!

  6. B&L - Aren't those gorgeous! Love the colored snakeskin with the gold clasp!


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