Tutu School

Tatum went to her first ballet class this last Monday at the Tutu School.  The Tutu Toddler class is not really a structured ballet class, but an introduction to movement and music for the little ones.  The parents/caregivers participate alongside their little ones to help them through the class. 

As you can see from the very first picture, Tatum wasn't a huge fan of a class where you have to listen to a teacher.  Let's just say she wasn't "feeling" it that day.  Visualize her sitting on the floor while Mommy circled the class with butterfly wings and shimmied across the floor with a rose held high in the air (just a little prep for my Dailey Method classes that I am going to start next week)!  I think it will take Tatum a couple of classes for her to get used to the structure of the class and hopefully she will really start to enjoy it.  

I was very impressed with the way that the teacher talked to all of the little ones and led them through the stretching, movement exercises (beginning techniques of ballet with a fun toddler twist) and music.  

I definitely recommend their classes if you are interested in getting your little one involved in a dance class and want to start them out in a very relaxed and fun class to check out Tutu School.  They have classes in San Francisco and in Marin! Happy twirling!

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  1. This class sounds adorable and I would love to find one around here for my baby girl! Nothing is sweeter than a little girl running around in a tutu.

  2. We go there too and love it and my daughter is named Tatum too!

  3. This is great place! The first time i went there with my girl, i wanted to became a balerina, too, and I'm in my fifties! Teacher Rachel is amazing! Esfir S.


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