Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Tide Pools

About 30 minutes south of San Francisco, in Moss Beach, is the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve with its gorgeous tide pools to explore.  It is really quite easy to get to and a quick walk from the parking lot down to the beach (3 minutes). Unfortunately, when we first arrived around 1:00pm the tide was in and we couldn't see the tide pools.  So make sure that when you go you coordinate it with when the tide is out.  By 2:00pm the tide was starting to recede and we were able to explore all the different sea life.  There was also about 40-50 harbor seals at the end of the beach just basking in the sun (note: you have to stay at least a football field away from them).  I highly recommend wearing your rain boots to keep your feet warm (even though it didn't seem to bother the bambinos).  Before or after visiting the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, you could stop at Moss Beach Distillery for a drink on the water's edge (recommend a drink or beer outside on their back patio while snuggled up underneath a blanket but not a fan of the food) or drive down another seven miles down to Half Moon Bay and enjoy a drink and a lobster roll at Sam's Chowder House on the water's edge.

This is my first video with iMovie! What do you guys think? Do you like to see a video of pictures or just the pictures on the website?

*Side note for all of my dog lover friends: Dogs are not allowed at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (I assume because of the harbor seals).


  1. Love your rain boots on the beach! Watching the video made me all nostalgic for the days of hanging with little ones. You guys are such a great family!!

  2. I like both ways of looking at pics! Don't you love iMovie? I have no creativity, so most of my attempts to put just the right pics and vids together fail. . .but when I get it right, I love it!

    Great pics!


  3. Oh, your photos are stunning! I have been so excited to see these. Thanks for the tide pool tips. I have this on my "must see" list.

  4. Such gorgeous pics Melissa! Are these from your iPhone??!

    xo Carlina

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Carlina - I took them with my Nikon D90.


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