Harper's Bazaar Book Signing

Last week I joined JeanneErin, Kim and Adelle at Glenda Bailey's book signing of her new coffee table book, Harper's Bazaar Greatest Hits - A Decade of Style, at the Coach store.

There was quite the San Francisco crowd in attendance including two San Francisco icons

The book is filled with over 300 pictures of gorgeous covers and stunning layouts to satisfy anyone needing a fashion fix. This was the first time I have ever had a book signed by the author and I have to say that Glenda was so charming in person.  She took the time to chat a bit with each person and to write a little something inside of the book rather than just signing my name and her name.  

It was a fabulous event put on by Harper's Bazaar and Coach!  


  1. Oh I would have loved to attend an event like this! The book is gorgeous and how fun to have it signed!

  2. This event, and that book, look amazing! What a great night; great pics!


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