Warby Parker

I have been more than thrilled with the ease of the Warby Parker experience!  It's as easy as going online and choosing five frames that you would like to have sent to your home (two day shipping) to try on.  You have five days to decide on a frame and then you order them online and return the sample frames (with an enclosed return postage).  The best part of Warby Parker is that all frames are $95 including your prescription AND they donate a pair to a person in need for every pair ordered!  They even have non-prescription sunglasses too!  I ordered five pairs for me to try on and five pairs for Carlos too.  Now...the only dilemma I have his which pair to choose.  Okay hipsters, which pair do you guys like best?


  1. Beautiful!! Next time Skype with me when you're all fancy like that!! ;)

  2. Thanks Jen and Melissa! Jen - Which ones do you like out of the four?


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