Charlotte - Six Months

I assume everyone else is as slow going as me in getting back into the swing of things in the New Year!  I would love to tell you that we enjoyed a week and a half of holiday vacation, but unfortunately we passed a cold around the whole family which kept us homebound more days than we would have liked.  But hopefully we have that out of our system and we are ready to jump into 2012 with both feet!  I am so behind in posting that I am posting Charlotte's six month post close to when she is turning seven months, but better late than never! 

Charlotte at six months old:
  • You are are 16 pounds!
  • You are wearing your 3-6 month.  You have a very round tummy and your thighs have rolls for days!  
  • You are full of smiles especially for your brother and sister and are starting to talk a lot more to us! You have just discovered this growl noise and how to scream when you are excited! You also squeal when you see your brother. 
  • You are getting really good at sitting up on your own and only teeter over occasionally. You seem to like to sit on your own than to be in the jumpy.  
  • You are still such a rockstar when we go out in the stroller/car seat and win the best behaved award while we are out! 
  • You are still breastfeeding but you have started to become really distracted and pull off to see what is going on around you which is very painful to Mommy.
  • You started reverting back to waking up a couple of times a night (not cool) and the doctor told us to let you cry it out, BUT you are still in our room and that doesn't really work well for our sleep schedule!
  • Your brother and sister are still both OBSESSED with you and almost fight over getting your attention.
  • You have a little fuzzy head now that is starting to get thicker. So far, doesn't look like you have any curls.  
  • You still don't have any teeth, but seem to have A LOT of drool.  
  • We can't imagine our family without you and love you so much!
*You turned six months old on December 10th.

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