Charlotte - Seven Months

Charlotte at seven months old:
  • You are are 17 pounds!
  • You are wearing your 3-6 and 6-9 month size clothing.  You have a very round tummy and your thighs have rolls for days!  
  • You are such a happy and smiley baby! Even when you complain, its a soft complaining. 
  • You are doing really well sitting up on your own!
  • You are still breastfeeding but we are supplementing with formula as well (which has given Mommy a break since you are not the kindest to my breasts).  
  • You are sleeping from 8:30-6:00am. Every night you go to sleep, I request that you sleep in until at least 7am.  You must not hear me when I make this request.  
  • Now that we have added in bottles, your brother and sister fight over who gets to "feed" you the bottle. 
  • Your hair is getting longer and you seem to have a widow's peak. 
  • We attempted to start feeding you - I made peas for you, but you were unable to swallow them. Your tongue would push it right back out and you were gagging.  The doctor told us to to wait a month and try again.  
  • You still don't have any teeth, but seem to have A LOT of drool.  
  • We can't imagine our family without you and love you so much!
*You turned seven months old on January 10th but your Mommy is a procrastinator!
I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend! We are going to be off doing some house hunting (this family of five has outgrown our house), a little bit of bloggers who brunch with Blog Brunch and then having some friends over to watch the SuperBowl on Sunday.  What are all of you up to this weekend? 


  1. She is precious! Love her. And looking forward to talking again with you soon.Miss you. xoxo

  2. She is adorable! Good luck house hunting...


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