HONEST to Goodness

Have you heard of The Honest Company?  It's the brain child of Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan.  After having kids, they saw a real need for eco-friendly options for their kids - diapers, wipes, bath and body products and cleaning supplies.

They wanted to create products that had savvy style (you know I like that), sustainability and extraordinary service along with social goodness.  What makes it even better is that you can set it up to deliver to your house every month (save you one extra trip to the store).  You can buy the products individually or you can save by bundling up five products together. Every month you can go to their website and select which five products you want bundled together or keep the same from the previous month.  It allows you to try all of the products out and see which ones you like best.

My favorites so far are the hand soap, hand sanitizer (love the smell and the feel compared to other ones out there), dish soap, shampoo & body wash and the body lotion (I've been a Burt's Bees fan for a long time but am liking the Honest products more) for the kids.

I am still trying to decide how I feel about the diapers and the wipes.  I love the prints (there are many to choose from) and the fact that they are made with non-toxic and chlorine-free sustainable plant-based materials.  To be honest the only thing I am not crazy about is the price.  I have been using Pampers for all three kids and they are definitely more economical.  Their wipes are also not my favorite because they don't seem as soft as the Pampers ones I am using now.

They have a great trial kit that they will send to you with some diapers, wipes and travel size samples of five of their products.  I signed up for trial kit and then I was hooked!

What are some of your favorite natural products that you use in your house or for your kids?

UPDATE (2/26/12): They have since changed their wipes to be thicker and I like using them now!


  1. I wish I had gems to share with you- but I don't have any little ones running around yet. However, thanks for the good advice! I'm jotting down product names as we speak. Happy weekend! xo

    1. Even if you don't have little ones, their cleaning products are great for eco-friendly cleaning options around the house! Have a great weekend! XO

  2. I have been using the diapers and home goods items too! Not sure I love the diapers either. But loving the bath/shampoo wash, conditioner, multipurpose spray, hand sanitizer and soap. Haven't tried the laundry detergent yet!


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