Comfortable in my own skin

We are trying to get adjusted back to our routine now that we are back from Maui.  (It's really hard to adjust to that three hour time difference).  At least school doesn't start for another week and a half so we have some time to adjust.  I have a lot of pictures to share with you from our Maui trip, but I wanted to share a little revelation I had while in Maui.  Maybe not so much a revelation, but more of a comfort level.  

In the past, when we have gone to Maui, I've been so self conscious of how I have looked in my bathing suit while on the beach.  Is everyone staring at the baby weight I need to lose? My pale skin? Humidity ravaged curls?  But this time was different.  I was sitting on the beach letting the waves come up and lap at Charlotte and I and I've never felt so comfortable.  I looked out at the water and watched Landon, Tatum and Carlos run around in the waves and was so incredibly happy.  I didn't care who could see my extra 25 lbs of baby weight that I need to lose, the new wrinkles that are forming as I turn another year older or my wind and humidity ravaged curls.  I just cared that I was 100% present in this moment, this experience that we were all having and that was all I needed.

Now that I am home, I wish I could say the same thing.  The old insecurities and pressure we put on ourselves is slowly creeping back in, but I am happy that for eight days in Maui, I was able to let go of all that and enjoy being me!  Need to work on being that comfortable in my own skin all the time! 


  1. So happy that you found peace on the beach - I think it comes with age and having a 3rd - puts what is really important - living in the moment - in perspective.
    Well - as for coming home and feeling pressure- guess what - we all need to just be happy with who we are, and others will follow - (don't stop working out and such for health) but your children see what is really important -the love you have for them and they would rather have a hug and smile from you then a mom who is unhappy, stressed and working so hard to be something you’re not already. You are perfect in their eyes now.

    1. So well said Stacey! Tearing up when I wrote it and tearing up as I read your response! XX


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