Rolling into the Weekend

Happy Friday!  I'm so glad that it's the weekend!  It's always hard coming off of a vacation where we get to spend a lot of quality time with Carlos aka Daddy and then we have to go back to reality as he goes back to work.

This weekend, I have friends coming over for dinner, a photoshoot and to top it all off, we are heading to a six year old birthday party at a roller rink!  That's right....I said a roller rink!  When was the last time I went skating you ask?  It was probably 20 years ago!  This should be an interesting experiment to see if I can still be stable on skates while teaching my little ones how to use them.  Wish me luck!

In case you missed what I was up to this week: 
  • This picture made me need to make this for breakfast this weekend!
  • Did you see how I like to getaway on Apartment 34
  • Working on being comfortable in my own skin!
  • As a result of a lone shopping trip around Union Square without the bambinos, I will be dreaming about these and these pairs of shoes that I may need to add to my closet!
What are all of you up to this weekend?

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