Kindergarten - How did we get here already?

Landon has been in the same playgroup since he was three months old!  We joined this playgroup through GGMG (an amazing resource for moms in San Francisco) shortly after he was born. Now looking back at these pictures I can't believe that they are all five years old and about to start kindergarten.  A couple of the kiddos were missing from the last picture (Owen, Jaiden & Caitlin) that couldn't make it to our playdate on Monday.  

This group of ladies has been such an amazing support system to me over the past five years and I'm so grateful for the wonderful friendship we have formed.  Oh, I guess the kids got something out of it too!

Three out of the four pictures were all taken on the same couch, so it's fun to see how they have grown up against the couch! 

I've been pretty sentimental this week as Landon prepares to start Kindergarten on Monday and Tatum starts preschool.  I don't know how the time goes by so quickly but it does.  Even though I'm sad for this transition, I'm excited for this new adventure for two of them and all of the things that my little sponges will learn! 


  1. I am still best friends with girlfriend I met in playgroup. We joined as little babies, I think they are such a cool idea! So glad you and Landon met such great friends through it.

    I hope they have a wonderful first day of school! And you too, of course!

  2. aww, your little guy is so big.You're gonna have to worry about girlfriends soon! ;) As someone who doesn't have kids yet, the whole idea of your children growing up blows my mind.

  3. I love this! It's so amazing that you've all managed to stay part of the same group. Once they get into school time just keeps flying by, even faster it seems. Enjoy each moment of it all!


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