Le Diner a San Francisco

Have you heard about the pop up dinners around the world where hundreds to a thousand people gather all dressed in white to enjoy a festive evening full of food, wine, dancing, friends and WHITE?  One of these dinner parties is tomorrow night in San Francisco.  An hour before the event Le Diner a San Francisco will reveal the secret outdoor location to the participants.  Last year's event was in Golden Gate Park in between the DeYoung and the California Academy of Sciences.  Besides the other thousand people that will be there, I will be joining Becca, Michele and Caryl!  Thank you for including me ladies!  

Even though I have yet  to decide what my all white ensemble will be, I'm looking forward to this event, especially since the weather has been gorgeous in San Francisco this week (it was 74 degrees at 9:30am this morning on the Golden Gate Bridge).  I will be bringing my camera tomorrow night and can't wait to share pictures from what should be a beautiful evening! 

What was the "theme" of your favorite dinner party? 


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