Have you heard of Society6?  I had not until I saw Jeanne's post last week with some adorable iPhone 5 cases from Society6.  They take the artwork of thousands of artists from around the world and make them accessible to everyone online.  You can purchase their print framed, as a stretch canvas, an iPhone cover, laptop skin, stationary, totes and more.  You can spend hours on their site because there is an endless amount of prints to choose from.

I've been using my Kate Spade iPhone 4 cover over my iPhone 5 (stretched out and ripping), just to give it some sort of protection.  I'm the kind of person that drops it on a daily basis (what else would you expect from someone that has three children). 

Now I need your help! I'm so indecisive and I can't decide which one of these iPhone covers I should choose?  Which one is your favorite? 

images via Society6


  1. #4 would be super cute to accessorize your fall/winter wardrobe!

  2. Maybe it's because I'm French, but the "C'est la vie" saying against crystalline water is fantastic! Very suitable to as a daily reminder that life is what we make of it in the good and bad times;)

  3. I can't help loving that pink multi dot!

  4. I can't help loving that pink multi dot!

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