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My beauty juicing box delivery
My new slow juicer from Hurom (c/o SPUD)
When SPUD approached me to try out their new organic juicing program, I thought it couldn't have been a better fit for the New Year with my New Year's resolutions that I had set for myself.   What a great way to do good things for my body while saving myself time by having SPUD take all the hard work out of it for me and deliver it right to my doorstep! 

If you haven't heard of SPUD, they are a service that connects urban communities with local farmers and food producers to ensure fresher food while supporting your local community.  While I love that it provides local produce to you, I love even more that it is delivered right to my doorstep.  Being a mom of three, my days can get pretty busy.  SPUD is service that can help me by doing the shopping for me and free up some of my time to do other things for my family and for myself!  

SPUD just introduced their new organic juicing service which takes all the hard work out of juicing.  They provide you with a juicing box (Dynamic Beauty, Detox, Organic Divine Defense, Organic All Vegetable, Organic Juicing for Kids and Organic Seasonal Juicing) as often as once a week if you wish.  So far, my favorite has been the Dynamic Beauty juicing box and their Rise and Refine juice (will share the recipe on the blog soon) with beets in it!  These boxes contain everything you would need to make anywhere from eight to twenty glasses of juice.  The boxes come with a couple of recipes in them and then they have a full list of juice recipes on their website.  

You might remember that I did a juice cleanse last year and I really enjoyed it, but I had to create a pretty long grocery list of items to buy to juice.  SPUD takes all of the guesswork and the shopping out of the equation.  Their box is delivered right to your doorstep and you can start juicing right away.  If you don't have a juicer, they even sell juicers online.  

SPUD is currently serving six urban areas - Seattle & the Eastern Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles & Orange County, Vancouver and Calgary.  

If you'd like to try them out you can save $25 over your first 4 deliveries. Go to www.spud.com and signup using the promo code CRSFO-SANMEC to receive your discount!

Right now they have a organic juicing special: 

SPUD Organic Juicing - January Special! (Offer valid until January 31st, 2013)
  1. Sign up for our 6-month Organic Juicing Club with juicer and you'll receive a $140.00 SPUD gift certificate.
  2. Purchase a top of the line Hurom Slow Juicer and receive weeks of organic produce FREE, a $140 value

I will be back sharing more of my juicing adventures with SPUD on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and then some of my favorite juicing recipes on the blog!

Happy juicing! 


*Hurom Juicer and juicing boxes provided by SPUD, all opinions are my own!


  1. I'm such a fan of juicing- this looks delish!

    xo Carlina

    1. Carlina - It really is delicious and most importantly - EASY! XX

  2. This idea is pretty genius! I have a juicer already, but the buying of all of the items and running between the farmer's market and grocery store to get the all is what keeps me from juicing more often. Brilliant concept!

    1. Lauren - Isn't it! It was a total barrier for me too! XX


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