Happy 4th Birthday Tatum

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet little girl!  You blessed our lives four years ago and we feel so lucky to call you our daughter!  We love your zest for life and eagerness to try new things! Things you did in your fourth year:

  • You started your first year of preschool.
  • You took soccer classes and swim lessons.
  • You moved up in ballet and started doing barre work.
  • You are obsessed with all things that involve Disney Princesses & Hello Kitty.
  • You just recently learned to ride your bike and you love to ride it in circles on the deck.
  • You still love your blankie that your Mimi crocheted for you when you were born. 
  • You really started noticing Mommy's outfits, shoes or jewelry and love commenting on them. 
  • You became obsessed with dresses and rarely want to wear anything else. 
  • You started wanting to try things on in the dressing room and have become quite opinionated on what you would like to buy or wear.
  • You've made a nice little circle of girlfriends in a playgroup that are all your age and it's nice to see you interact with them since most of your friends have been boys so far.
  • You love to play with your babies and you've been able to persuade Charlotte to play babies with you.
  • You can often be found pushing a baby stroller around with a purse on your shoulder and your little sister trailing behind you doing the same.  
  • Your a very sweet, caring and loving little girl.  
We can't wait to see what adventures and new experiences your fifth year will bring!  We love you!


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  1. Happy Birthday Tatum! She is a doll. It is amazing how fast this all goes isn't it?


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