Sociale - Girls Night Out

I had a girls night out at Sociale last Friday night with my ladies from Landon's playgroup.  We have been friends now for over four years.  It is crazy that we met when our babies were only a couple of months old and now they are big four year olds. They took me out to dinner to help celebrate baby girl's rapidly approaching arrival.  It was a great chance to get out (who knows when I will be able to get out again) and enjoy some kid free girl time. It's great whenever we get together for play dates, but it is always impossible to hold an entire conversation without starting over multiple times.  

Sociale is one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants (Frascati is one of my other favorites) in the Presidio Heights neighborhood that is tucked back down a cute little alley.  We sat outside in their front patio surrounded by heat lamps and twinkle lights.  One of my favorite things about Sociale besides their deliciously fresh pasta dishes is their half glasses of wines.  They pour a very generous half glass of wine, which allows you to try more types of wine with your dinner at half the price.  Our waitress was so sweet and brought us out three desserts to share with the table that included one dessert that had two homemade donuts with a milkshake. HELLO! Perfect dessert food for a pregnant mama!

Thank you girls for taking me out and making baby girl and myself feel very special! Love you!

If anyone heads over to try Sociale's delicious food, you should stop across the street at Spruce for a pre-dinner cocktail.

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  1. Oh to be pregnant and eat whatever again. The cake and ice cream look yum! And it looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like fun! We all need that "girl time", and you are all so photogenic!


  3. Camille - I know! I think that is what I am going to miss the most. The I don't have to be on a diet like I have been for my ENTIRE life! HA!

    Fabiana - Thanks! We all do need that "girl time". We just don't allow ourselves to have it as much as we should.


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