Need a Fix?

I love receiving packages in the mail and I have found my newest treat to be delivered to my door on a monthly basis. Being a mom of three little ones leaves me very little time do any clothes shopping on my own.  It can get a little crowded in a dressing room with two toddlers and a baby in a stroller.  So when I heard about Stitchfix (a San Francisco based company), I had to try this personal shopping service.  Stitchfix customizes their picks to your style preference, size and the price range that you are comfortable with after you fill out a quick online profile survey.  Then they send you five items to try on in the comfort of your own home.  You determine what pieces you want to keep and then mail the items you don't want back in a prepaid package back to Stitchfix.  

Their stylists picked out pieces that I wouldn't have picked out normally for myself, but once I tried them on, I really liked the pieces.  I was impressed with the postcard that they attach to each piece that showed me two different ways to style the item.  I can't wait to receive my package next month! 

If you would like to get in on their beta trial (they are adding a few new testers everyday), go to this link and let them know that Savvy in San Francisco referred you.

Happy shopping!


  1. Don't have time to shop? Ha! :-)

  2. Such cute pieces! What did you end up keeping? I love that they give you styling ideas. I definitely might have to sign up!

  3. Elisabeth - I ended up keeping the two pieces from Blue Bird - the floral tank with the lace back and the pale green sweater with lace in the front. It is really fun service!

  4. Wow! this is soo cool! i must try it!

  5. Katie - You should definitely try it! It really is a fantastic service! Fun to be styled by someone else!

  6. this sounds amazing!! I'll have to try this!



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