Warby Parker - Part Deux

I wanted to follow up about my Warby Parker post with you guys and share my final choice choices!  I was having the hardest time deciding on one pair (your opinions on the blog and twitter really did help), so I decided to get two pairs!  At $95 a pair, two pairs is still cheaper than what I would normally pay for one pair at any other brick & mortar shop.  Plus, that means that Warby Parker donated TWO pairs of glasses to two people in need.   

I went with the Sinclair in Midnight Blue and the Pierce in Oakwood Brown.  The process was so simple.  I just returned my five trial pairs, went online and chose the two pairs of frames that I wanted, entered my information, took a photo of my prescription with my cell phone and then emailed that to Warby Parker.  The glasses were made and shipped out to me a couple of days after I ordered them! Color me impressed!  I did have to get the Sinclair pair adjusted because they didn't fit me exactly right.  But WP's customer service was so helpful - told me that most eyeglass shops will adjust them for free, but if they didn't, just to keep the receipt, send a copy of it in to WP and they would reimburse me for the adjustment cost. Very nice!  

Thank you again for all of you help choosing.  It was so fun to get everyone's opinion!  What do you guys think? 

I know that the blog has been heavy on the ALT Summit posts, but I am hoping to do one more wrap up post about my individual sessions and share some of my great tips I learned while I was there.  Then hopefully we will be back to our regular programming!  I have so many restaurants that I need to catch up on and share with you and a couple of trips too!


  1. Very nice! I have the Sinclairs as well, and I just ordered the Pierce for my third frames from WP! It's so easy when they're so affordable AND you are doing good with each frame you purchase. Love them! (great necklace, btw!)

    1. Thanks! The necklace is from Nordstrom! How funny that we have the same pairs. What is the third that you own, since we must have similar face shapes?

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  3. Hi Melissa! The Sinclair looks great! Isn't Warby Parker awesome? I'd love to get the Tenley in Burgundy Fade... Currently living overseas though so I'll wait 'til I'm back in the states to take advantage of the home try-on.

    Nice to take online class with you and be introduced to so many awesome ladies and their blogs.

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