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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited along with some other Bay Area bloggers to come down to the Bay Club San Francisco to check out their facilities and their spa, Sanctuary Spa.  I am always in search of a fabulous spa, so how could I refuse this invitation.  The timing was either the worst timing or the best timing for me.  We had just moved the weekend before and I probably should have been unpacking boxes, but I definitely needed a break and a well deserved massage to help me with all of the aches and pains I was feeling from the move.  

We started the afternoon off with a semi-private yoga lesson in a small studio with just the five of us.  It was just what my body and mind needed to help me de-stress from the move.  We then were treated to a delicious and healthy lunch from the Court Cafe that is located in the club.  While we ate we were able to chat with Jae Berman, the club's nutritionist who is also a personal trainer at the club.  Jae is on hand for any of the members that might need help with not only their workouts but with a food plan.  We also talked to Kelsey Hicks, the Bay Club's concierge, who explained in more detail about their lifestyle rewards program.  In a nutshell, members earn points for each time they visit and use the club.  These points add up and can be used on fun rewards at such fabulous places like Carmel Valley Ranch (one of my personal favorites).

After lunch we were introduced to the Sanctuary Spa, the Bay Club's onsite spa, which is available to members and to the general public.  You all know that I have an obsession with spas, so I was excited to experience Sanctuary Spa.  My first thought was that since it was located at the club that it wouldn't be very luxurious, but I was definitely wrong.  It was very similar to the other spas that I have visited in San Francisco.  The biggest extra to me about going to Sanctuary Spa instead of another spa is that you have full day use of the entire club before or after your facial or massage treatment.  That means that you can use their steam rooms, sauna rooms, take a Pilates class, do some laps in the pool, enjoy lunch at their cafe, play a game of squash or use any of their gym equipment.  My Sanctuary Signature Massage was relaxing and just what my sore muscles needed after going up and down three flights of stairs with boxes for five days straight!

Some extra perks for families are their childcare services, laundry services (that's right I said laundry services) and also their youth programs

I was treated to a fabulous and relaxing day at Bay Club and Sanctuary Spa and would highly recommend anyone looking for a spa service to definitely check them out.  Especially if you are thinking about joining a club, going to use their spa services first would give you a great opportunity to preview their facilities for the day! 

The Bay Club has a couple of locations in San Francisco, two in Marin (Corte Madera and Kentfield) and the Silicon Valley location is opening this Spring!

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